Bob Seney
Bob Seney has enjoyed working in education for over 36 years, about 30 of those in gifted education. He was a classroom instructor, district administrator, head of private schools, and an university professor. He is most known for his advocacy of using young adult literature with gifted readers. His “What’s New in Y.A. Lit” presentation began in 1985 in Texas and soon moved to NAGC and has been offered there for many years. At Mississippi University for Women, he directed the Graduate Programs in Education and was the primary instructor in the Masters of Gifted Studies Program. Seney taught graduate level courses in every aspect of gifted education. He was also the Director of the Mississippi Governor’s School, a three week summer residential program for gifted high school students. Upon retirement, the Mississippi College Board named him Professor Emeritus.

Young and Gifted Readers
Description:Let’s face it! The reading needs of young gifted readers are not being met in most reading programs. They simply are not appropriate. These students are usually proficient and highly motivated readers and their reading needs and instruction are often overlooked or dismissed as “They can handle it on their own.” In this session, we will review the needs of young gifted readers; discuss strategies to strengthen and motivate their reading; and discuss novels that meet their reading characteristics, needs, and interests. The Presenter, known for his young adult literature lists, will share his new list of recommended novels for younger readers.

Using Bibliotherapy with Highly Gifted Students
Description: Bibliotherapy is a “technical” word to describe the technique of having students read about individuals in literature who may have similar problems. It is a counseling technique that has been adapted for classroom use. By reading about the problem or issue, the problem is “defused” and this helps students to realize that others have the same problems as they do – they are not alone, which is the first step in effectively dealing with their situation. In this session, we will define and describe the technique; provide suggestions for introducing bibliotherapy into the classroom; and identify various novels that relate to specific issues.

What’s New in Young Adult Literature: A Preview of the 2011 Edition
Description:Young adult literature is a highly appropriate and very rich literary resource for gifted students. What is important is making the right match between reader and novel. In this session, we will build a rationale for using YA literature with gifted learners as we review the new and latest novels out there. We will “book talk” new novels, emphasizing middle and high school works, and hear how to apply and connect them to curriculum while focusing on the gifted learner. As time allows, additional strategies for using YA literature in the classroom will be shared. The Presenter’s 2010 Book List and his 2011 Book List [Under Construction] will be shared.