Laurie Eaton ~

Laurie Eaton has been a Denver Public Schools teacher for twenty six years and has taught the gifted and highly gifted for more than twenty years in both elementary and middle schools. She has worked in the Gifted and Talented Department for 5 years and also works as a GT resource specialist at Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy (KCAA). She has published “Curriculum Candy, Projects that Sweeten the Literacy Curriculum”, "I Pledge Allegiance" poster, and has created several more activity books that she hopes to publish.

Resources for Enrichments
Sweeten the Curriculum

Description: Don’t rely solely on the district literacy curriculum to meet the needs of your diverse learners. There are many enriching resources out there that tie directly to the district curriculum yet address a wide range of abilities, learning styles, and motivation. Resources presented include:

  • Curriculum Candy Projects That Sweeten the Literacy Curriculum(gr.3-8) by Eaton
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving for Young Learners (gr. K-5) by Meador
  • Picturing Math Hands-On Activities to Connect Math with Picture Books(gr. 2-4)by Kessler
  • Unjournaling and Yoga on the Brain(gr. 3-8)by DiPrince